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Eagle Creek Fire Trail Status

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Trail Assessments

Trails within the Eagle Creek Burned Area have undergone assessments in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, including sections of the following trails (*mileage indicates number of miles assessed):

Trail Stats in the Scenic Area:

  • Miles of trails in burned area: 90
  • Miles of trail assessments completed: 67
  • 37.9 miles have tread work completed (repairs made to trail walking surface)
  • 43.9 miles have been logged out (logs removed from trail)

When will trails reopen?

  • Trails from Multnomah Falls and west: End of calendar year 2018
  • Trails between Multnomah Falls and Cascade Locks: no timeframe (most severely burned area)

No decisions have been made yet to redesign or reroute any trails. Any proposals to redesign, reroute, or decommission trails will include public comment opportunities as part of the decision process. We will continue working with partners and the public on a vision for long-term trail sustainability in the Gorge. This will include opportunities to give inputs about the future of recreation within the Columbia River Gorge as part of the Gorge 2020 Management Plan Review.