Sustainable Trail Co-Visioning

Photo of three pairs feet walking along a dirt trail.

We want to hear from you!

We are exploring stakeholder views on the key factors and attributes that make a trail network sustainable, and now members of the public can weigh in.

About Co-Visioning

The first phase of Co-Visioning engaged state and federal agencies, non-profit, and tribal organizations in order to establish baseline perspectives on elements of trail planning. Our cooperative process began this summer with a questionnaire sent to our partner groups, exploring various elements that affect a trail system's sustainability. Our goal in this process is to define key trail sustainability elements and kick-start a constructive conversation around how to incorporate these elements into future planning efforts for the Columbia River Gorge’s world-class trails. As we learn more about diverse perspectives, we seek to build shared understanding and a common vision for a socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable trail system across jurisdictional boundaries in the Columbia River Gorge. The questionnaire explores topics such as:

  • Key concepts for trail placement and management
  • Protecting soils, water features, ecological sensitive areas, and fish/wildlife
  • Visitor needs and preferences
  • Trail system characteristics and connectivity 
  • Access, parking, and potential unintended consequences

During Phase 2 of Co-Visioning, we shared what we heard from key stakeholders with the public in a June 2019 public meeting outlining the first round of stakeholder responses. Partners asked for a chance to further clarify official perspectives, while hikers and other members of the general public wanted a chance to weigh in. So, we've kicked off Phase 3!

How to Participate

Now, as part of Phase 3, you can share your thoughts on trail sustainability by filling out the questionnaire, either online or by sending in a hard copy. Please respond by November 7, 2019

Upcoming Public Meetings

We plan to share the results of Phase 3 around December 2019 and January 2020. Dates and details will be announced within a month of the meeting dates.