Eagle Creek Fire Response

Eagle Creek Fire was a fast-moving fire that impacted parts of the Columbia River Gorge in September 2017.  Explore the links below for the backstory, post-fire hazards to watch for, response efforts to date, and the ecological recovery of the forest. Trail and recreation site closures are still in effect – visit our Recreation page for up to date information.

Smoke from Eagle Creek Fire

Fire Story & Data

Learn the story behind Eagle Creek Fire. Find maps and data...  

Eagle Creek Fire Information

Trail work party PCTA and Mazamas.

Ongoing Work 

Learn about ongoing trail work, hazard mitigations, and repairs and how you can help...

Ongoing work & how to help

Man in hard hat.

How to Stay Safe

Review post-fire risks & safety tips for visitors and residents and find out how to sign up for local emergency alerts....

Learn more about post fire hazards

Forested area with smoldering fire

Fire Ecology

Fire is a natural part of the landscape. Learn about how forests regenerate after fire and year-round fire management....

Read about fire ecology