Recreate with Respect

These eight basic principles will enhance your visit and help us sustain public lands for everyone's enjoyment.

Know Before You Go.

Person checking map

Respect the value of planning ahead! Familiarize yourself with rules and issues specific to the site you are visiting.

Stay Safe.

Wooden barrier near dropoff

Respect yourself by understanding risks, staying within your limits, and taking responsibility for your safety. Respect closures, signs and barriers, and realize that they may save your life. 

Share Outdoor Spaces.

cars in congested roadway

Share the road, trail, and other public spaces respectfully with other visitors. In other words, be nice! Use common courtesy and respect that others may be seeking solitude.  

Consider Your Companions.

group hiking single file

Give extra thought to group needs and impacts, and respect any special needs of companions -- particularly young kids or animals.          

Think Like a Local.

Open for business sign

Respect local color and cultures and help keep rural communities vibrant by supporting local businesses.             

Leave No Trace.

Trail signs

Stay on the trail, tread lightly, and leave objects of natural beauty intact as a way of respecting wildlife, the environment, and future visitors.     

Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires.

Smokey pointing

Check on fire risks and respect restrictions that apply to campfires as well as chainsaw and firearm use on public lands. Fireworks are always prohibited on all federal public lands.

Preserve the Past.

historic restroom building

Respect the past by preserving historic structures and leaving archaeological artifacts and fossils undisturbed. Enjoy petroglyphs from a distance and don’t dig or probe for artifacts. Report vandalism and looting.

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Rangers smile for the camera at Wahkeena Falls