Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF Proposes to Eliminate Fees at Specific Sites

The Forest Service collects recreation fees under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) for sites and areas with the requisite amenities and services. In June 2011, the Forest Service conducted a review of fee areas on National Forest System lands including the following recreation areas: Baker Lake, Mathers, Middle Fork, Mountain Loop, Mt. Baker, Sky Forks, and US Highway 2. Based on the 2011 review, the Forest Service is proposing to eliminate some fees charged for these areas or convert to individual recreation fee sites with reduced boundaries. The following sites will no longer require a fee:

[Icon: Trailhead] Beaver Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Boardman Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Boulder Ridge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Bullion Basin Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Deception Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Goat Falls Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Heybrook Lookout Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Kelcema Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Lost Creek Ridge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Mallardy Ridge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Meadow Mountain Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Mt. Pugh Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Naches Trailhead (Government Meadows)
[Icon: Trailhead] Naches Pass West Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Nobel Knob Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Nooksack Cirque Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Norse Peak Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Palisades Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Shuksan Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Skookum Flats South Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Sloan Peak Climbing Route Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Snoqualmie Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Surprise Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Tonga Ridge Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Troublesome Creek Nature Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Tunnel Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Welcome Pass Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] White River Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Whitechuck Trailhead

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