Forest Orders


Regulations (36 CFR 261)

Multnomah & Wahkeena Falls, Eagle Creek and Horsetail Falls

Drone/Aircraft Use Restriction

BZ Corner Boat Launch, BZ Corner Trail, and adjacent NSA Land

Public Nudity

Cape Horn Trail and Recreation Area

Vehicle Use, Being in Area When Closed, Camping, Campfires

Catherine Creek

OHV/Motor Vehicle Use

Catherine Creek ADA Trail 4411

Camping, Campfires, Stoves 

Catherine Creek Arch

Special Closure; Ecological Habitat/Cultural Site 

Catherine Creek Trail Ca-1

Special Closure; Endangered, Threatened, Rare, Unique, Vanishing  Wildlife and Plants

Chenoweth Table

Fires, Campfires, Stoves, Motor Vehicle Use, Camping, Firearms, Air/Gas Guns, Alcoholic Beverages

Dodson/Warrendale River Fronts

Fires, Campfires, Stoves, Camping, Firearms, Air/Gas Guns

Dog Mountain

Camping, Campfires, Stoves 

Eagle Creek Fire Closure Order & Map

Fire burn area closure for safety

Eagle Creek Overlook Recreation Area

Motor Vehicle Length, Trailers, Group Size Limit

Eagle Creek Trail

Special Trail Closure; Camping, Campfires, Stoves 

Fire Restrictions 2018 Restrictions prohibiting open campfires on National Forest System lands in the Gorge. Restrictions also apply to smoking, engine use, welding, and motor vehicle use. 

Hood River and Wasco County

Fires, Campfires, Stoves, Smoking, Internal Combustion Engine, Off-Road Vehicles

Klickitat County

Fires, Campfires

Klickitat Wild & Scenic River

Motor Vehicle Use, Camping, Being in Area When Closed, Firearms, Air/Gas Guns (Starr Parcel); Boat/Craft Type, Fires, Campfires, Stoves, Public Nudity

Larch Mountain Trail 441

Special Trail Closure

Larch Mountain/Palmer Mill

Firearms, Air/Gas Guns

Multnomah Basin & Palmer Mill

Motor Vehicle Use

Multnomah County

Fires, Campfires, Stoves, Smoking, Internal Combustion Engine, Off-Road Vehicles

Multnomah Falls

Public Safety Closure; Hang Gliding, Para Sailing, Base/Bungee Jumping, Rappelling, Rock Climbing

Multnomah Falls Upper Plaza

Being in Area When Closed

National Forest System of the PNW Region

Hay, Straw, Crop Products, Grains, Mulch, Weed Free

Pacific Crest Trail

Bicycle Use/Possession

Punchbowl Falls (Upper and Lower)

Special Closure; Cliff Jumping/Diving

Region 6

Closures for Public Safety/Health, Protect Property/Biological Communities; ATV Use/Regulations; Marijuana; Alcoholic Beverages; Camping Stay Limits; Fireworks, Pyrotechnic Devices; Internal/External Combustion Engine Operation


Motor Vehicle Use in Restricted Areas, Motor Vehicle Operation Regulations

Sams-Walker, St. Cloud Ranch

OHV Use, Pack/Saddle/Draft Animal Use; Camping, Being in Area When Closed

Sandy River Delta

Fire, Campfire, Stove, Camping; Being in Area Closed for Protection; Termination of Orders; Being in Area When Closed; Motor Vehicle Use; Firearms, Air/Gas Guns

Sevenmile, Rowena, Wilson Beach

Motor Vehicle Use, Landing of Aircraft, Dropping/Picking up Materials/Supplies/Persons by Aircraft

Skamania County

Fire, Campfire, Stove

Starr Parcel and Gravel Pit

Being in Area Closed for Protection


Being on Closed Trails, In Possession of Animal, Vehicle Use/Operation, Shortcutting, Firearmas, Air/Gas Guns, Fires, Campfires, Stoves, Park/Leave Vehicles, Trail Violations 

White Salmon Wild & Scenic River

Camping, Campfires, Stoves; Boat/Craft Type, Camping, Fires, Campfires, Stoves, Public Nudity

Wind Mountain Summit

Being in Area Closed for Protection

Wyeth Bench

Motor Vehicle Use/Possession