Recreation Events

Open Season for Submitting 2019 Recreation Events (Sept. 1 - Nov. 1)

The U.S. Forest Service office for the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (CRGNSA) is accepting proposals for recreation events during the 2019 calendar year. The open season will close on November 1, 2018.  A recreation event permit is required for any event where an entry or participation fee is charged, or where paid membership in a group or organization is a prerequisite for participation.  Examples may include:

  • Bicycle races
  • Orienteering events
  • Fundraising hikes or walks
  • Skills clinics
  • Other events with participation fees

This process applies to activities on National Forest System lands within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, as well as the Wild and Scenic portions of the Klickitat and White Salmon Rivers, which are under Forest Service jurisdiction. This process does not apply to activities on private, state, or county lands where no National Forest System lands are utilized. 

If you are proposing a new recreation event, please send an email with a detailed proposal (with maps). Proposals will be screened for completeness and appropriateness and consistency with management of the proposed event area. If a proposal passes this screening and is accepted, a permit application may then be submitted.

Information to be included in a proposal includes, at a minimum:

  • Event description
  • Proposed date
  • Location (include detailed map), showing start/finish, aid stations, parking
  • Number of participants and spectators

In 2019, the following conditions and restrictions will apply:

  • Proposals for new events between Angels Rest and Starvation Creek in Oregon will not be accepted due to post-fire closure status.
  • Proposals for events at Sandy River Delta will only be considered after Labor Day.
  • Proposals for events at Dog Mountain will only be considered after July 1.
  • Proposals will not be accepted on the White Salmon Wild and Scenic River.

Applications must be postmarked by November 1, 2018.  It is advisable to submit your proposal or application at the beginning of the open season to allow time to complete the application packet if the proposal is accepted.

Please note that a complex mix of land ownership in the CRGNSA means that many events, particularly running or biking events, must be authorized by multiple agencies. The Forest Service cannot authorize activities on other jurisdictions, so it is advisable to thoroughly research land ownership before submitting a proposal.

Proposals will be accepted for evaluation only during the Open Season. For more information please email the Special Uses Program Manager or call (541) 308-1712.

The open season for outfitter guide permits for 2019 will begin January 1 and end March 1, 2019.  For more information on the outfitter guide permit process, please visit