Weddings and other Noncommercial Group Use

Permits are required for noncommerical activities involving:

  • More than 75 people (either as participants or spectators) 
  • Placement of infrastructure to support the event (tents, chairs, watering stations, etc.) 

Keep in mind for all events:

  • Access for the general public to sites, trails, and/or roads must be maintained (no area may be closed or cordoned off). 
  • Wedding ceremonies may not be officiated by individuals who are paid for their services; this is a commercial service widely available off of National Forest System land.
  • No vendors or food trucks or carts are allowed; this is a commercial service that is not authorized on National Forest System land in the Scenic Area.
  • Most sites in the Gorge can only accommodate up to 20 people and 10 cars.
  • Throwing objects, including rice, birdseed, confetti, or lanterns or the release of helium balloons is prohibited. 
  • Candles or open flame are not allowed.  Campfires are not allowed unless in a designated campfire location.
  • Overnight camping is not allowed unless at a designated campsite.
  • No amplified music is allowed.
  • Decorations such as crepe paper and balloons are prohibited.
  • All litter must be disposed of properly. 
  • Sites within the Scenic Area are extremely popular throughout the year, expect to have contact with members of the recreating public during your gathering.
  • Plan your event early or late in the day to avoid peak visitation and congestion times (before 11 am and after 4 pm, April through September).

Photos & information about popular sites:

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