Curlew National Grassland













The Curlew National Grassland comprises 47,000 acres of public land. It was originally established to improve the soils and vegetation.

the Curlew National Grassland is managed to promote and demonstrate grassland agriculture and sustained-yield management of forage, fish and wildlife, water and recreation resources.


Discover the Curlew

The Curlew attracts many activities including: fishing, hunting, wildlife observation, and photography. Although the arid land appears desolate, it supports a variety of birds and wildlife.

Stone Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing and water-skiing; camping is available at the adjacent Curlew Campground.

Visit the Curlew during March and April. The sage and sharp tail grouse "dance” on their breeding grounds, called leks. More than sixty grouse have been observed on one lek.