Rainey Creek Vegetation Restoration Project

Rainey Creek Vegetation Restoration Project

The Palisades Ranger District of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and the Upper Snake Region of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game are working in partnership on a collaborative process to address vegetation health issues in the Rainey Creek drainage of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The project area encompasses the mouth of the Rainey Creek drainage, approximately 7000 acres, and is located 2 miles east of Swan Valley in the eastern portion of the Palisades Ranger District, Bonneville County, Idaho. The mature juniper and mountain mahogany stands in the project area have reduced the mountain shrubs and herbaceous vegetation through shading and water consumption, while the prior use of this area as an elk feed ground has had a negative effect on the shrub component. Effective fire suppression over the last 100 years has excluded fire on the landscape resulting in a lack of vegetation diversity.


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Rainey Creek Project Map

Rainey Creek Vegetation Restoration Project - A Report on the Collaboration Process


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Collaborative Introduction

Rainey Creek Recent History and Current Status

Livestock Grazing



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Forest Plan Revision and Smoke Management






Meeting Notes

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May 21st Meeting Flyer

May 21st Meeting Press Release

May 21st Meeting Notes

May 21st Take Home Packet

Vegetation Delineation

June 6th Meeting Notes

June 6th Take Home Packet

3D Map of Area

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For further information please contact the Palisades Ranger District: (208)523-1412

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Public Affairs Officer
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