Release Date: May 20, 2014  

Springtime on the National Forest brings spectacular wildflowers, scenic drives, camping and long hikes.  Memorial Day weekend signals the start of the camping and recreating season in this part of the world.  Before traveling to the forest, officials remind visitors to keep in mind the following information.

This year the forest road and trail maintenance funds are still less than average compared to previous years.  Road maintenance will be improved over last but less than what we have experienced in the past.  The condition forest roads are in during springtime may very well be the condition they remain in all summer. Please be aware of muddy conditions and do not travel in areas where the conditions are so muddy that ruts are created by your motor vehicles whether it is a bike or a car.  Do not drive around snowdrifts crossing the roads.

Campgrounds - Campground reservation can be made by calling the toll-free number 1-877-444-6777, or by visiting  This provides an easy way to ensure that a campsite is available.  Not all campsites are reservable, some are first come-first served.

Dubois Ranger District (1-208-374-5422) – Stoddard and Steel Creek campgrounds will be opened.

Ashton/Island Park Ranger District (1-208-652-3723) – Grandview, Warm River, Riverside (for fishermen’s access only), McCrea Bridge, Buttermilk (a few loops) and Buffalo (A few loops) campgrounds will be open.  In regards to dispersed camping, the West End is inaccessible at this time but MAY be reachable by Memorial Day weekend. Mesa Falls and Big Fall Inn will be open and charging a fee for entry.

Teton-Basin Ranger District (1-208-354-2312) – Pine Creek & Mike Harris campgrounds will have half the sites open; Trail Creek campground is open with one site still in snow.  Reunion Flat & Teton Canyon campgrounds are closed.  Trailheads for North and South Teton (Table Mountain) and Treasure Mountain Scout Camp are still not accessible to vehicles due to 3 feet of snow on the Teton Canyon Road.

Palisades Ranger District (1-208-523-1412) – All campgrounds will be open.

Westside Ranger District (1-208-236-7500) – All of the District recreation facilities will be open.  This is the first year with a concessionaire contract that will be managing our campgrounds.  Some higher elevation trails/roads are still behind closed gates (Box Canyon Road, Scout Mountain Repeater Road and North Pebble Road between Inman and Pebble Basin).  The New Canyon Road gate will remain closed.  Most forest roads are dry and have been bladed.  As always, brush and sharp curves limit visibility on the East Fork of Mink Road and Pebble Creek Road, drive these routes with care.  

Soda Springs Ranger District(1-208-547-4356) –Diamond Creek, Pine Bar & Tin Cup campgrounds are open.

Montpelier Ranger District (1-208-847-0375) – Allcampgrounds except for Emigration and Summitview will be open.Minnetonka Cave will be open.  Egan Basin and Eightmile cabins are not open.

Again, watch out for wet roads.  If you are driving on a road that is soft and rutting, please stop and turn around.  Do not create resource damage.  Call the specific Ranger District you are interested in visiting to get current recreation updates especially the availability of trails in the high country.   

Enjoy your holiday weekend.