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Wild and Scenic Rivers

Updated:  January 3, 2018
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View the latest on the draft eligible Wild and Scenic Rivers in the Proposed Action - Appendix E (release Jan 3, 2018)

The draft Eligible Wild and Scenic Rivers Evaluation step is complete.  You are invited to view the information below. 

Webinar - Completed - July 19, 2017 Wild and Scenic Rivers Presentation

Interactive Mapping System (Wild and Scenic Rivers) which identifies 30 rivers initially identified as Eligible Wild and Scenic Rivers and the reasoning for their identification.  Feedback is complete on this step. 


Draft Wild and Scenic Rivers Summary List

Draft Wild and Scenic Rivers Narratives

Wild and Scenic River Classification Criteria


Initial Materials (Early 2017)

Recorded Webinar of Wild and Scenic Rivers and Wilderness Process, April 26, 2017

The initial step of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Process - the Inventory and defintinions was out for review January 31, 2017 - March 3, 2017.  The feedback period has ended for step 1.  The initial Wild and Scenic Rivers Inventory can be review via the Spreadsheet of all rivers and complemeting Interactive Mapping System.  To start there are over 940 inventoried rivers.

Zip of all shapefiles for initial Wild and Scenic Rivers Inventory

(shapefiles - utilize Arc GIS or other GIS tool to view files)

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News Release - 1/31/2017


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