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Updated - 18, July 2018
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The Proposed Action represents a starting place for the Custer Gallatin revised forest plan and was out for a 60-day scoping period running from January 3 - March 5, 2018.

Letter from the Forest Supervisor

Review the materials and take time to formulate your comment.  Visit How to Comment Page for full details and options available.

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Proposed Action & Appendices

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Proposed Action

Appendix A:  Management Approaches

          Appendix A:  Sources (posted Jan. 29, 2018)

Appendix B: Maps 

Appendix C:  Priority Watersheds

Appendix D:  Wilderness Evaluation

Appendix E:  Wild and Scenic Rivers

Appendix F:  Vegetation Classification

Appendix G:  Lynx Direction

Species of Conservation Concern - through the Regional Office (scroll down until you see Custer Gallatin National Forest).

Federal Register Notice (online) or pdf version

Legal Notice (in papers of record)

News Release

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The proposed action has been developed based on the Assessment of Existing Conditions, the Need to Change, the desired conditions and public feedback recieved through informational sessions, collaborative working group meetings, both virtual and in-person, public meetings, e-collaboration, written submissions and other public input.  Public comments are vital to developing the proposed action, the appendices and will help to create the range of alternatives. 


Key Contacts

10 E Babcock (P.O. Box 130)
Bozeman, MT 59715
Public Affairs:  Mariah Leuschen-Lonergan