Food Storage Order

Bear Attractants include food, toiletries, cosmetics, livestock feed and animal carcasses. 

A Food Storage Order requires that:

  • Food must be actively attended while transporting, preparing and eating it.
  • All attractants must be stored in a locked bear-resistant container or a closed vehicle constructed of solid, non-pliable material or
  • Suspended at least 10 feet clear of the ground at all points and 4 feet horizontally from supporting tree or pole.

How do I set up camp properly to align with food storage orders?

The Food Storage Order prohibits:

  • Camping within ½ mile of any animal carcass or within 100 yards of any acceptably stored animal carcass.
  • Leaving an animal carcass unless it is (a) at least ½ mile from any sleeping area, trail or recreation site or (b) at least 100 yards from any sleeping area, trail or recreation area and acceptably store or (c) being eaten, being prepared for eating or being transported.

For questions and clarification call you local Forest Service office

To learn more about bear resistant containers or the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee: