Shortcutting A Switchback

Shortcutting a switchback

Using a trail with a switchback

A switchback is a trail up a slope that is like a zig-zag pattern instead of a straight trail. The zig-zag pattern protects the hill and the trail from erosion. Erosion turns trails into gullies because water moves faster down steep straight-aways. This can hollow out the trail and wash the soil and vegetation down hill.

Shortcutting a Switchback

Shortcutting a switchback can kill vegetation and loosen soil creating a new trail straight up and down the hill, which will in time get large and hollowed out from erosion. Do your part to keep our trails beautiful, control erosion and protect vegetation. Stay on the designated trail!

Shortcutting a switchback is prohibited under Forest Supervisor Order DB-08-15.