London Ranger District Office Reconstruction

We're getting a new office!

The London Ranger District Office Compound, located at 761 S. Laurel Road in London, KY, will be demolished and completely reconstructed to make way for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s planned widening of U.S. Highway 25. The new office compound, to be constructed on the same site, will include increased accessibility features, additional restroom facilities and support the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service’s sustainability goals by achieving LEED Silver certification.

Demolition and construction of the new London Ranger District Office is slated to begin in 2024. During this time, District staff will continue to provide visitor services from a shared workspace at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Laurel Dam Resource Manager's Office along Highway 1193 between Holly Bay Recreation Area and Laurel River Lake Dam and Spillway Beach area.

Process & Timeline

September 20 - The Daniel Boone National Forest completes the environmental assessment of the “London Ranger Station Reconstruction Project.” In the signed Decision Memo, London District Ranger Jason Nedlo documents his intent to demolish the existing facilities and redesign the site with a district office and support structures in a new configuration based upon the revised right-of-way and highway expansion plans.

March 28-31 - The London Ranger District Office is closed to allow staff to vacate the existing office compound and move to a shared workspace at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Laurel River Dam Resource Manager's Office.

April 5 - London Ranger District Office staff begin providing visitor services at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Laurel River Dam Resource Manager's Office.

July 20 - September 15 – The U.S. Forest Service issued a “Presolicitation Notice” to identify contractors interested in providing Design-Build services for the project.

Winter - The U.S. Forest Service identified the top three contactors from the submitted prospectus bids. These three contractors developed conceptual drawings and proposals for the London Ranger Office project.

Summer - The U.S. Forest Service reviewed the proposed designs and selected the project contractor. The contractor began to work with the Forest to refine the proposed design as part of the design-build process.

March 20 - Contractor begins site preparation by removing trees and existing vegetation.

Summer - Contractor begins demolition of existing Forest Service structures, service drives, curbs and parking. Two of the six total structures will be removed at this time. The other four existing structures will be demolished under a separate contract with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Fall - Contractor begins construction of new permanent structures.

Project Highlights

Project Funding

  • Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA)

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    In March 2021, the USDA Forest Service announced the investment of $285 million to fund Great American Outdoors Act projects across the nation that will address critical deferred maintenance and improve transportation and recreation infrastructure.