June 22 - Red River Gorge Planning Presentation

The Daniel Boone National Forest, Cumberland Ranger District Ranger District, hosted  a virtual public presentation of proposed management actions for the Red River Gorge on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, from 6:00-7:30 pm EST.

This presentation provided an overview of the draft Comprehensive River Management Plan for the Red Wild and Scenic River and the environmental analysis of the plan as well as the associated proposed actions in the river corridor and throughout the Red River Gorge. Project managers provided examples to illustrate how the proposed actions will be implemented over time to improve resource conditions while providing for recreation opportunities in the Red River Gorge.

Meeting Recording Information

A recording of the virtual meeting can be accessed by clicking on the link (Watch Microsoft Teams Meeting) below. You will be able to access the recording through your internet browser or through the Microsoft Teams application. Please be aware that connecting via a mobile device without WIFI will result in data charges.


Watch Microsoft Teams Meeting


Meeting Timestamps

00:14:45 Welcome and Overview (Jon Kazmierski, Cumberland District Ranger)

00:28:00 CRMP & Proposed Actions: Designations and Sideboards (Tim Eling, Daniel Boone National Forest GAPP Staff Officer)

00:51:20 Proposed Actions (Jon Kazmierski, Cumberland District Ranger)

01:11:30 Adaptive Management Examples (Eric Dodd, Cumberland Ranger District Assistant Recreation Officer)

01:27:40 Summary & How to Comment (Jon Kazmierski, Cumberland District Ranger)