2022 Recreation Fee Changes

On January 1, 2022 the Daniel Boone National Forest will implement Forest-wide recreation fee changes. These changes will impact fees at 32 sites across the Forest, including nine sites that do not currently require a fee. With the increased revenue from these changes, the Forest will be better equipped to maintain or add amenities, pay for operations and improvements, hire additional operations staff, and match other funding sources to pay for larger improvement projects at these recreation sites. 

What is changing? 

In general, sites that currently require a one-day, three-day, or annual pass will see the following changes.

  • One-Day Pass: $3 → $5
  • Three-Day Pass: $5 → $7
  • Annual Pass: $30 → $50

The White Sulphur OHV System and Redbird Crest OHV System will see simplified pass structures in addition to slight increases.

  • One-Day Pass: $7→ $15
  • Three-Day Pass: $15 → No longer offered.
  • Annual Pass: $40 → $60

Six campgrounds will see similar fee changes. The Forest has also added nine sites that do not currently require a fee for entry to the fee program.

See the complete list of fee changes

These changes will go into effect on January 1, 2022. One and three-day passes purchased prior to this date will continue to be honored, but all passes purchased after January 1 will reflect these fee changes. 2022 Annual Passes will be available for purchase in December 2021 and will reflect the fee changes.

Why are we changing our fees?

Charging recreation fees is a common practice for many national forests and grasslands across the country. These fees go to support the maintenance and upkeep of recreation sites with standard amenities, like toilets or picnic tables, as well as sites with expanded amenities, like boat ramps.

On the Daniel Boone National Forest, recreation fees are collected to support everyday maintenance, improvements, and enhancements to recreation sites as well as grant application matches for larger restoration andrehabilitation projects. Revenue from these fee changes will allow us to complete more projects, like those listed in our annual Recreation Fee Program Highlights, to new locations across the Forest.

Still have questions? Check out the 2022 Recreation Fee Changes FAQ!