Boone's Wildlife Management Areas

Five wildlife management areas in the Daniel Boone National Forest are managed cooperatively with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. The cooperative management efforts in these areas provide wildlife habitat for both game and nongame species, improving opportunities for hunting, fishing and other outdoor sport and recreation.

The wildlife management area boundaries are marked with yellow paint and signs. Besides hunting, these areas are open to other recreation, even during hunting season. Hunters are likely to encounter other forest visitors, such as hikers, horseback riders, mountain bikers and campers.

Pioneer Weapons Wildlife Management Area

This area encompasses 7,610 acres near Cave Run Lake on Cumberland Ranger District in Bath and Menifee counties.

Learn more about hunting at Pioneer Weapons WMA.

Pioneer Weapons WMA map


  • Almost completely forested with scattered openings
  • Rough terrain with some gently sloping areas on ridge tops and in creek valleys
  • Miles of trails and maintained roads
  • Camping permitted
  • Hunting limited to longbow, crossbow and muzzle-loading firearms only.
  • One of few areas in the nation where crossbow hunting is permitted

Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area

This 13,558-acre area is located in Jackson County on the London Ranger District.

Learn more about recreation on Mill Creek WMA.

Mill Creek WMA map


  • Hilly with steep slopes and long, narrow ridges
  • Some flat areas in the bottoms and on the tops of ridges
  • Mostly wooded with nearly 30 acres of openings
  • No developed facilities
  • Mobility-impaired access to permit holders in designated area

Cane Creek Wildlife Management Area

This area is 6,672 acres, located in Laurel County on the London Ranger District.

Learn more about recreation on Cane Creek WMA.

Cane Creek WMA map


  • Primarily hilly, steep terrain, mostly wooded with a few openings
  • No developed facilities

Beaver Creek Wildlife Management Area

This 17,347-acre area spreads across McCreary and Pulaski counties on the Stearns Ranger District.

Learn more about recreation on Beaver Creek WMA.

Beaver Creek WMA map


  • Steep, mountainous terrain in mixed hardwoods
  • Approximately 150 acres of open fields
  • Opportunities for trout fishing and sight-seeing
  • Includes Beaver Creek Wilderness Area
  • No developed facilities
  • Area is under quality deer management regulations

Redbird Wildlife Management Area

This 25,529-acre is located in Leslie and Clay counties on the Redbird Ranger District.

Learn more about recreation on Redbird WMA.

Redbird WMA map


  • Hilly to steep with gentle slopes in bottomlands and on ridge tops
  • Mostly wooded with nearly 100 acres of openings and 25 miles of improved hiking trails
  • No developed facilities
  • Mobility-impaired access to permit holders

Vehicle Use in Wildlife Management Areas 

The misuse of land by all-terrain vehicles, off-highway vehicles and four-wheel-drive vehicles has caused significant damage in some areas. These vehicles are prohibited within all wildlife management areas. Only licensed street-legal vehicles may be used. Vehicles must remain on established permanent roadways. If a road is gated, no motor vehicles are allowed beyond that point.

Habitat Management in WMAs

The management in these areas help provide food, cover and water for a wide variety of wildlife species. Wildlife openings, or fields, provide important animal food sources. Brushy areas and woodlands also provide food and shelter for wildlife. Ponds, creeks and streams provide water for wildlife and a home for aquatic species.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife management areas are excellent places to enjoy birdwatching and viewing other wildlife.

Hunting in WMAs

Where hunting is permitted, check the KENTUCKY HUNTING & TRAPPING GUIDE for season dates and other laws. Check signs and bulletin boards for special regulations and requirements. It’s a good idea for anyone, whether planning to hunt or not, to obtain current hunting information about an area before visiting.