West Bend Area Closures

April 14, 2017

Area closure (see attached map):

The area generally between Cascade Lakes Highway, Storm King Trail, Voodoo Trail and COD is closed to cross country travel.

The area generally between Lava Island Trailhead/Boating Site south to Aspen Trailhead/Boating Site is closed to cross country travel.  Though trails are closed Lava Island, Big Eddy and Aspen Day Use sites remain open.

Trails closed Monday – Friday (see map):

  • COD Trail from intersection 32 at Storm King Trail to the Welcome Station at intersection 21
  • Grand Slam Trail between Storm King at intersection 27 to intersection 15 at Voodoo Trail
  • Deschutes River Trail and the Deschutes River Mountain Bike Trail between Lava Island south to Aspen Day Use site
  • Deschutes River Horse, the One Hour Horse Loop, Two Hour Horse Loop.  These are trails popularly accessed from Seventh Mountain Resort.
  • All other area trails including Storm King, Voodoo and ELV are OPEN 7 days a week.

Portions of the following roads are closed 7 days a week (see map):

  • 4604000;  4610000;  4612200;  4612208;  4612246;  4615000;  4615800;  4615810
  • The gates at road 460400 (at Phil’s Trailhead) and 4604400 (across from Widgi Creek) will be open to allow for public access once the roads have dried out (see map). These gates remained closed last year for operations in the area.

The map of the complete West Bend closure area can be found at: http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/webmaps/deschutes/west-bend/public-information/

The Forest Service encourages visitors to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO by bookmarking our interactive map http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/webmaps/deschutes/west-bend/public-information/  

For information on where to ride during the closure, people can contact the Bend Fort-Rock Ranger District (541-383-4000), Central Oregon Trail Alliance, local outfitters and guides, or local bike shops.  Here is a general list of places for people to ride during the closure:

Early Season (Now-May 15th) : East of Bend, Horse Butte, Horse Ridge, Cline Buttes area (Maston, Juniper, Tumalo Canals – Between Tumalo and Eagle Crest), Peterson Ridge (Sisters), Radlands (Redmond), Lower 66 (Prineville) and Grey Butte/Skull Hollow (Smith Rock)

Mid-Season (May 15-August 15): Wanoga area trails, Swampy area trails, Skyliner area trails, Mt Bachelor Bike Park, Mrazek Trail through Tumalo Falls and/or Shevlin Park, Newberry Crater and Swamp Wells Trails (late June opening) and Ochocos area trails (late June opening)

Late Season (August 15-snow season) All trails listed in Mid-Season plus: Flagline to Swampy area and the High Lakes area.

February 24, 2016

Logging operations continue in the West Bend Project Area. Units are still in the process of being thinned. Logging trucks are currently hauling on Cascade Lakes Highway and Skyliner Road. For your safety and the safety of those working, please follow all closures.

For current area closures, visit:http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/webmaps/deschutes/west-bend/

Phil's Trailhead Area Closures

Beginning November 30, the Deschutes National Forest will be implementing an area closure in the West Bend Project area while commercial thinning and mowing operations are occurring.

Contractors will be commercially thinning an 890 acre timber sale unit in West Bend beginning on Monday, November 30, and lasting approximately 4-6 months. An additional 1030 acres of mowing will occur within the unit during the same period.

Operators will be using large equipment and may not see you if you are in the area.  For the safety of the public and the people working in the area, an area closure will be in effect weekly, from 4:00 a.m. Mondays through 5:00 p.m. Fridays until the project is completed. 

The area will be available for public use every weekend as well as on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Trail closures within the area include Phil’s Trail, Marvin’s Garden, The Lair, COD, Elfin Magic, Grand Slam, and others. Forest Road 4610 from Skyliners to Cascade Lakes Highway will also be closed in conjunction with thinning and removal.

Of the 140 miles of non-motorized trails in the West Bend area, approximately 25 will be closed during this thinning and mowing operation. See the attached map for the location & extent of the closure area.

For up-to-date trail closure information in West Bend, visit: http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/webmaps/deschutes/west-bend/

This unit is part of a 5,226 acre contract area known as “Ruble.” This timber sale contract is broken into units and work is expected to continue on this contract through 2020.  Ruble is one portion of the 26,000 acre “West Bend Vegetation Project” within the Deschutes National Forest and adjacent to the city of Bend slated for restoration work being done in conjunction with the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project. 

"Good Dog" Area Closures

Beginning January 7, 2016, the Deschutes National Forest will implement an area closure in a portion of the forest, off of Cascade Lakes Highway, commonly known as “Good Dog. ”  The closure is being done to protect public safety as contractors do thinning and mowing operations on 131 acres of the Yen Stewardship project.

Because operators will be using large equipment to do their work, which may limited their ability to see people in the area, the closure is being done to protect the public and the operators.  The closure, predicted to last two months, will be in effect weekly, from 4:00 a.m. Mondays through 5:00 p.m. Fridays until the project is completed.  The area will be open to the public on weekends.

The closure includes roads 4600-111, 102, 103, 107, 109, 111, 112, 115, 118 and a portion of road 106. See the attached map for the location and extent of the closure area. For up-to-date trail closure information in the West Bend Project area, visit:http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/webmaps/deschutes/west-bend/