Central Oregon Fire Management Service - Who We Are

The Central Oregon Fire Management Service (COFMS) area includes the Deschutes National Forest, the Ochoco National Forest, the Crooked River National Grassland, and the Prineville District BLM. These four units are managed cooperatively under combined leadership, with decision makers from both agencies.

The COFMS boundary has been divided into five planning units called Divisions to facilitate fire suppression and fire management activities. Although the areas work together to complete projects and suppress fires, each Division has its own Fire Management Officer (FMO), Assistant Fire Management Officer (AFMO) and staff.

COFMS also partners with the Oregon Department of Forestry for fire protection, and has a central dispatching facility that serves as a communications hub for fire and fuels operations.

Central Oregon also hosts several National Resources such as smokejumpers, two hotshot crews, and several airtankers, as well as several Regional Resources such as rappelers and helicopters.

COFMS Divisions - Contact Information and Maps

COFMS Boundary Map (PDF)

Air tanker retardant drop
  • Cascade Division
    • FMO: James Osborne
    • AFMO Suppression: Vince Grace
    • AFMO Fuels: Andrew Myhra
    • Sisters Ranger District: 541-549-7700
    • Division Map (PDF)
Mechanical fuels treatment
  • Newberry Division
    • FMO: Robert Newey
    • AFMO Operations: Dave Robertson
    • AFMO Operations: Mel Durrant
    • AFMO Fuels: Shaniko Cowie
    • AFMO Fuels: Jeff Crawford
    • AFMO Fuels: vacant
    • Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District: 541-383-4000
    • Division Map (PDF)
Davis Fire
  • Crescent Division
    • FMO: Ryan Sullivan
    • AFMO Operations: Craig Hingley
    • AFMO Fuels: Kathy Enna
    • Crescent Ranger District: 541-433-3200
    • Division Map (PDF)
Prescribed fire
  • Rivers Division
    • FMO: Larae Guillory
    • AFMO Operations North: Don Tschida
    • AFMO Operations South: vacant
    • AFMO Fuels: Rob Fore
    • Fuels Technician/Crew Lead: Tavis Fenske
    • Prineville BLM: 541-416-6700
    • Division Map (PDF)
Wildfire in the Ochocos
  • Prairie Division
    • FMO: Jason Gibb
    • AFMO Suppression: Richard Harnden
    • AFMO Suppression: Joel Delgado
    • AFMO Fuels: Sam Pearcy
    • AFMO Fuels: Jona Ensley
    • Ochoco National Forest: 541-416-6500
    • Division Map (PDF)