Current Conditions


March 19 - March 31, 2020

Winter Trail Highlights

  • Light, cold snow fell last weekend, refreshing winter trails.  This past week has brought warm daytime sun and clear nights.  The forecast shows that trend continuing.   With the thaw-freeze cycle, expect hard snow in the morning, softening up in the afternoon.  Snow depth is still below average, especially at low elevation SnoParks, so trail users might see bare ground on south facing aspects.  See inside for more details.   
  • Trail grooming in progress on snowmobile and skate skiing trails.  Most grooming ends March 31st.  
  • To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread, the FS has closed SnoPark shelters for the remainder of the season.  This includes Wanoga, Meissner, and Ten Mile.  SnoPark and trailhead vault toilets will remain open as staffing allows.  However, with limited cleaning (1-4x per week) and heavy public use, visitors should ensure they follow recommended social distancing and sanitation practices.   
  • Most summer trails are either snow covered or muddy.  Please do not use muddy trails.  See inside for more details. 
  • The Three Sisters Wilderness, Bend City Watershed, and “Dutchalo” areas are all closed to snowmobiles.  Access respected  =  Access protected. 
  • Through April 30th, dogs are prohibited on the north side of Cascade Lakes Highway, including Meissner, Swampy, and Dutchman Sno-Parks. 
  • Through April 1st, winter trails that co-exist on summer roads are CLOSED to motor vehicles.