Current Conditions


May 17 - May 27, 2022

Spring Trail Highlights

  • Summer trails are slowly becoming accessible.  Near the Crest, snow line is around 5000 ft.  Further from the Crest, snow line is closer to 6000 ft.  Above 6500 ft, there is DEEP snow.  The Deschutes River Trail, Horse Butte area, the Phil’s system, and low elevation trails around Sisters are all accessible.  See inside for more details. 
  • For winter recreation, all SnoParks are out of business due to insufficient snow, with the exception of Dutchman.  The removal of temporary signs in the Dutchman-Moon Mountain is complete - winter trail diamonds and trail junction signs have been taken down.  This can make navigation difficult.  It is the visitor’s responsibility to know where they are. 
  • TEMPORARY TRAIL CLOSURE on the Jefferson Lake Trail from Monday, May 23rd through Thursday the 27th.  This is due to the replacement and construction of a trail bridge just down from the trailhead.  The trail will reopen once construction is complete. 
  • TEMPORARY TRAIL CLOSURE in effect for multiple trails and roads in the Phil’s Trail system including Storm King and Phil’s Trail.  See inside for more details.    
  • Got a trail report to share?  Relevant information includes things like snow and access, number of downed trees, and overall condition of trail.  Send emails to