Current Conditions


June 5 - June 15, 2023

Spring Trail Highlights

  • Although the snowline is moving steadily upward, most terrain above 5500 ft remains under snow. Above 6500 ft there is deep snow. The Deschutes River Trail, Horse Butte area, most of the Phil’s system, and low elevation trails around Sisters are all accessible.  See inside for more details. 
  • Please do NOT use snowy and muddy trails. Snow and mud forces visitors off the trail and into sensitive areas, leading to resource damage. Better to wait until the trail is dry and you can visit without trampling vegetation. 
  • Expect heavy crowds at all developed recreation sites on holidays and weekends. DO NOT PARK in an illegal or unsafe location.    
  • TEMPORARY TRAIL CLOSURE in effect for multiple trails and roads in the Phil’s Trail system including Kent’s and Phil’s Trail. See inside for more details.       
  • Got a trail report to share? Relevant information includes things like snow and access, number of downed trees, and overall condition of trail. Send emails to

 Greater West Bend Area Trail Closures