Trail Maps

You can download these trail maps to any smart phone and view them in a PDF format as a digital map.

If you have a smart phone you can download these maps and then using the Avenza PDF maps App from iTunes or Google Play and you can use the GPS feature to track your location on these maps.

When printing these maps, you may need to readjust some files to fit the entire map on one sheet of paper. This can be done in the printing options by selecting the "fit to page" option.

Summer Trail Maps

Rimrock Trailhead

Sun-Lava Trail System (Lava Lands Visitor Center)

West Bend Trail Area

Winter Trail Maps

Dutchman Area

Edison Area

Meissner Area

Santiam Pass

Skyliner Area

Swampy Area

Vista Butte Area

Wanoga Area

Bend Area

Newberry Area

Crescent/South Central Oregon

Three Creeks Area