History Overview

The Deschutes National Forest has many historical and cultural sites within its boundaries. Archeologists and other forest employees work to protect, and, when possible, develop and maintain these sites for the generations to come.  

Through time, the forest has been impacted by people and activities. The remnants left by their passing can still be seen throughout the forest. Signs of history and reminders of past culture saturate the forest and surrounding area.  If you look around you, you are likely to see signs of history's passage on the forest. 

But Please Remember…

Don't leave your mark in history by stealing it.

Enjoy your travels back into the forest’s past but leave what you find for tomorrow's historical explorers. Remember to leave what you find, as you find it, so that it can be experienced by all those who explore behind you.

Please - take only your photos and memories with you when you go


Archaeological Society of Central Oregon:  https://www.ascoinfo.net/

Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation: http://www.warmsprings.com/

Deschutes County Historical Society: http://www.deschuteshistory.org/