Shevlin Park

Shevlin ParkThis park is the prized jewel of Bend's city park system. Thick-trunked ponderosa pine and western larch grow within the topographic draw, yielding to western juniper on the uplands. Groves of quaking aspen add invaluable habitat diversity. A 2.3-mile road parallels Tumalo Creek, but most of the park is undeveloped except for hiking and mountain bike trails. Be sure to visit the self-guided interpretive trail at Fremont Meadows. In 1990, a wildfire roared with swift ferocity up to the park's east edge.

You might see Lewis's woodpecker at the park's burned east edge. Shrubbery of red-osier dogwood and common snowberry could conceal ruffed grouse in locations removed from human activity. Listen for their distinct wing "drumming" during pairing in May. Northern goshawk, northern pygmy-owl, and even the rare peregrine falcon have been sighted here. Other birds to discover are red-naped sapsucker, pileated woodpecker, warbling vireo, orange-crown warbler, grey catbird, MacGillivray's warbler, black-headed grosbeak, and lazuli bunting.

Caution: The road south into the park is gated and may be closed to vehicles when summer wildfire danger is extreme, and also in winter until April.


  • Parking
  • Restroom
  • Drinking Water
  • ADA-accessible
  • Picnic
  • Trail
  • Interpretive Signs or Literature


From Bend: At Jct. of Third St. (Hwy. 97) & Greenwood Ave. (Hwy. 20), travel west on Greenwood Ave. for 0.5 mile to Newport Ave.  Continue west onto Newport Ave. for 1.2 miles to Shevlin Park Park Market Road.  Continue west onto Shevlin Park Park Market Road for 2.7 miles to Shevlin Park at Tumalo Creek bridge. 

Total Distance: 4 miles.  Estimated Time: 10 minutes

What To Look For

Featured Wildlife Groups:

  • Amphibians/Reptiles
  • Birds of Prey
  • Songbirds
  • Upland Birds


  • Forest - Mixed Conifer
  • Forest - Ponderosa Pine
  • Woodland - Western Juniper
  • Wetland - Aspen
  • Wetland - Stream

Other Attractions: A children-only fishing pond stocked with rainbow trout is located next to Aspen Hall.

Site Description

  • Phone for Info: 541-389-7275
  • Dimensions: 603 acres
  • Elevation: 3,600' - 3,800'
  • GPS Latitude: 044°04'59.0" N
  • GPS Longitude: 121°22'34.7" W