Recreation Facility Analysis

Recreation Facility Analysis

This process was called Recreation Site-Facility Master Planning (RS-FMP.) However, the Forest Service recognized, as a result of the findings of a team chartered specifically to review the public participation efforts associated with this analysis process, that the term “master planning” could imply that this is a decision-making process as opposed to an analytic one. Therefore, based on a recommendation from that team, the Forest Service decided to refer to the analysis of recreation facilities more accurately and simply as Recreation Facility Analysis.

Ochoco National Forest - RFA

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5-year Program of Work

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Deschutes National Forest - RFA

Niche Statement

5-Year Program of Work

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Recreation Fees Accomplishment Reports 2003 - 2008

Deschutes National Forest

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Interagency Recreation Pass Information

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Volcanic Vistas Recreation Guide

Volcanic Vistas Recreation Guide - 2010 coming in late May

Volcanic Vistas Recreation Guide -2009 - letter (8 1/2 X 11)

Recreation Special Uses-Events

Deschutes and Ochoco Special Uses Permit Information and Events