OHV Volunteers

Central Oregon Combined OHV Operations accomplishes the management of Central Oregon OHV Trails through grant funding, primarily from the Oregon Parks and Recreation ATV Program, with assistance from Yamaha OHV Initiative and Polaris T.R.A.I.L.S. Grants, various user groups and individual volunteers.

COHVOPS volunteers perform a variety of duties ranging from yearlong commitments, to single day events. Large scale projects that volunteers have assisted with include such things as the China Hat Campground rebuild, the China Hat Water System, Ground Hog Rock Crawl, Kwohl Butte Shelter Rebuild, Coyote/Cabin Butte and Swartz Canyon Cleanups, and more. Individual volunteer efforts include such things as equipment operation; trail grooming, fence repairs, small construction projects, staffing education events and conducting trail patrols and visitor contacts.

Volunteer commitment helps to meet the funding match requirement for any grant that COHVOPS applies for. All volunteer hours worked provide a $18.37 per hour match towards that commitment. Every hour helps, so if you are interested in assisting COHVOPS with volunteer projects please send an email to SM.FS.COHVOPS@usda.gov.