OHV Information: What You Need To Know Before You Ride

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Required to Ride

Central Oregon OHV Operations (COHVOPS)

  • The mission of COHVOPS is to provide consistent, quality off-highway vehicle recreation opportunities that are focused on customer service and resource protection.
  • COHVOPS manages the Central Oregon OHV trail systems for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and the Prineville BLM. This includes operations, maintenance, monitoring, patrolling, user education, and law enforcement. The team implements existing OHV management plans, identifies future needs, recommends actions to management, and assists in future OHV planning efforts.
  • Provide quality customer service through a well-maintained and well-administered program.
  • Provide consistent signing, mapping, law enforcement, and special use permit administration.
  • Increase user education and awareness to promote responsible rider ethics.
  • Increase interagency communication, cooperation, and coordination
  • Share personnel, materials, and equipment to operate an efficient, cost-effective program.
  • Seek partnerships for outside funding opportunities.
  • Coordinate and expand the volunteer program.
  • Increase the visibility of proper OHV management both internally and externally.
  • Work together with user groups and volunteers to pro-actively identify and resolve emerging OHV issues.

Where can I ride?

  • Please refer to the new Travel Management and Motor Vehicle Use Maps.
  • OHVs may operate on any trail that is signed as open to that use.
  • OHVs may not operate cross-country unless posted as open on a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM).
  • Non-street legal OHVs may operate on any open road that is designated open to all vehicles on the MVUM.
  • Non-street legal OHVs may NOT operate on a road that is designated for highway legal vehicles on the MVUM.
  • Unless signed otherwise, all County roads are closed to OHVs.
  • Under State Law, all paved roads and double lane gravel roads are closed to OHVs unless signed otherwise.
  • It is not legal to "cut cookies" in the roads or to ride road cutbanks and fillslopes.
  • It is not legal for riders to make their own trails.
  • It is not legal for parents to allow their kids to make "kiddie loops" around their camps.

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