Rockhounding Site: Bear Creek

Rock Type: Petrified Wood

Site Description: An abundance of petrified wood can be found at this site. Most of the wood is low grade, but has good preservation of growth rings and wood grain. Rockhounds willing to put forth the extra time and effort may find some colorfully agatized wood that will take an excellent polish. Small clusters of quartz crystals, agate and red and yellow jasper may also be found in the area.

Directions: Available on Central Oregon Rockhounding Map, Purchasing Info

Road Access: Not Maintained

Site Information: Muddy when wet. 4x4 vehicle recommended.

Agency: Bureau of Land Management BLM Logo Pic


Visitors to the Bear Creek rockhounding site during the spring months may observe blooms of bitterroot and other high desert wildflowers.Bear Creek Bitter Root

Petrified wood from the Bear Creek collection site. Some of these specimens are colorfully
agatized.Bear Creek Wood