Rockhounding Site: Paulina (Dendrite Butte/Congleton Hollow)

Rock Type: limb casts, opalized wood

Site Description: Both of these sites have been a popular destination for rockhounds for many years so very little material remains on the ground surface. Rockhounds willing to take the time and effort to dig still find some fine limb cast specimens. Look where other rockhounds have been digging for potential leads.

Directions: Available on Central Oregon Rockhounding Map, Purchasing Info

Road Access: Not Maintained

Site Information: Muddy when wet. 4x4 vehicle recommended.

Agency: Bureau of Land Management BLM Logo Pic


Clarno Formation debris flow deposit at Congleton Hollow. This deposit formed as a mixture of mud, rocks, and wood debris moved as a fluid across the landscape before hardening into stone. Erosion has exposed much of the petrified wood and limb casts that formed in the mudflow deposits.Congleton Area

Various limb Casts from the Dendrite Butte/Congleton Hollow area. The most prized limb casts have pink or green hues.Congleton Specimen