Central Oregon Rockhounding

Each year, thousands of rockhounds, pebble puppies and persons interested in looking for rocks visit Crook County, Oregon. The geology of central Oregon is unique with a wide variety of rock types in a relatively small area. Crook County is rightfully known as the rockhound capital of the world.

There are areas that are free to the public in search of agate, jasper, limbcast, petrified wood, moss, dendrite and angel wing. Rockhounding areas are managed by both the Bureau of Land Management and the Ochoco National Forest. Please note that 'rockhound collection sites' are for personal use only; commercial resale is not allowed.

The material sought by rockhounds in central Oregon is so diverse that it would take more space than is available here just to cover it briefly.

The six major categories of material available include: Agate, Jasper, Limb Casts, Obsidian, Petrified Wood, and Thunder Eggs.

Less common rocks and minerals found in central Oregon include opal, amethyst, gem quality calcite, cinnabar, selenite (gypsum), and amygdaloid nodules.


Rockhounding Links

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Rockhounding, Safety & Public Land Use

    Rockhounding, Safety & Public Land Use



Rockhounds and 'pebble puppies' should get a Central Oregon Rockhounding Map from our Maps & Publications page

To purchase the rockhound map or for additional information on the Central Oregon area, contact the following offices.

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