Special Places

Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Collage of Newberry CalderaAre you intrigued by the forces of nature? Newberry National Volcanic Monument will amaze you!

In November of 1990, Newberry National Volcanic Monument was created within the boundaries of Deschutes National Forest. Managed by the U.S. Forest Service, this monument provides a unique opportunity to view the Lava Lands of central Oregon.

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Hiker on Tam McArthur Rim. Click for wilderness information.Inspired by wild beauty? Our eight Wildernesses call your name.

Wildernesses are lands designated by Congress to be protected and preserved in their natural condition, without permanent improvements or habitation. Within the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests visitors can discover eight unique Wildernesses to explore.

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Scenic Byways

Sparks Lake Early SnowfallWould you like to go for a gorgeous drive off the beaten path? There are three National Scenic Byways on the Deschutes National Forest. These Byways represent the diverse views and unique environments that attract so many visitors to central Oregon.

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Wild and Scenic Rivers

Are you invigorated by the sounds of wild water? Portions of eight rivers and streams in central Oregon are part of the National Wild and Scenic River System. All or major portions of most of these rivers are on the Deschutes and/or Ochoco National Forests.

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Accessible Adventures

Accessible Adventures Learn about the many recreation sites in the Deschutes that are suitable for everyone. Go to our Accessible Adventures page.