Motorized Travel Planning Project Implementation

rockart atv decalIn the fall of 2009, the Dixie National Forest began implementing a Motorized Travel Plan (MTP) and will continue to be a process over the next several years. This plan establishes a system of approximately 2,700 miles of designated motorized travel routes and prohibits cross-country (off-trail) motorized travel.

Completion of this implementation will take a long-term commitment from the Dixie National Forest and strong, meaningful partnerships with local and state government, user groups, and interest groups. The forest has formed a Task Force to help with this project. To assist the Dixie National Forest and its partners in this effort, a Motorized Travel Plan Implementation Plan has been created.

Watch video to better understand the purpose of MTP implementation:

What Can Be Expected?

Forest visitors can expect to see many changes on the ground as crews improve roads/trails.

Changes include:

  • Improvement to selected routes.
  • Sign placement across the Forest for travel managment.  
  • Portal signs will be installed at the forest boundary and at the entrance to key secondary routes to notify forest visitors about travel opportunities. 
  • Routes designated open to public motor vehicle use will clearly be marked as open. 
  • Closures of routes that are not part of the designated system.  
  • With cross-country travel no longer part of forest regulations, citations will be issued to those found traveling off designated routes.
  • Dispersed camping is allowed within 150 feet of most designated routes. However, in some parts of the forest dispersed camping is allowed only in designated camp sites. These areas are shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map and signs are posted identifying the appropriate area.
  • Updated maps are available at Dixie National Forest offices and on this webpage.

While the Forest is engaged in closing routes and signing the designated system, unparalleled opportunities are still available for motorized recreation - YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE. 


Remember to Travel Responsibly

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 Know Before You Go: 30sec.

 Podcast Transcript (.pdf)

  • Travel only on designated routes
  • Use established access routes to dispersed campsites
  • Do not create play areas or loops next to dispersed campsites
  • Avoid travel on routes when they are wet or muddy to prevent road and trail damage
  • Obey all State and Federal laws pertaining to motor vehicle use (registriation, helmets, etc)
  • If you see violations of inappropriate use, document your observations and contact the nearest Dixie National Forest office.

Motorized Travel Planning Documents

For more information or interest in helping with implementation, contact the Dixie National Forest Supervisors Office: (435) 865-3700.