ENF Reorganization Project

map image of current boundaries to forest map. map image of boundary changes to forest map.

Purpose of Forest Reorganization

  1. Provide more efficient customer service to local communities and the visiting public;
  2. Decrease facility maintenance costs to allow more investment of taxpayer dollars into forest resource management;
  3. Provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, volunteers, partners and forest users.

Why is this important for the Eldorado National Forest?

The Eldorado National Forest is adapting to change. There is a smaller workforce with diminishing budgets and a shift to accomplishing more work though partnerships in the areas of timber production, fuels reduction, restoration, and public services.

Forest staff are evaluating how to reorganize with less facilities, less personnel, less government- owned-vehicles and more partnerships.

How will this affect the public?

All programs and services will continue, but we will be consolidating our operations. We expect to be organized into 3 ranger districts instead of 4 and to provide Visitor Information Services at 2 locations instead of 3 along Highway 50.

Next Steps

  • In the Fall of 2019, the forest moved the Visitor Information Services at Pacific Ranger Station to the Placerville Range Station in Camino, including Desolation Wilderness permits.
  • A variety of reorganization options are being considered with an anticipated forest recommendation in the next few months.
  • Comments and questions can be submitted to: ENFReorg@fs.fed.us


Visitor Services Consolidation