Updates and Available Areas for Public Use


Collage of images from recovery: recreation site, waterfall and trailhead

Repairs to Forest roads, recreational facilities and trails continue along with efforts to stabilize landslides damaged throughout the Forest. The following recreation sites, roads and trails are currently accessible:

  • Recreation Sites: 1) La Coca Falls and parking areas; 2) Yokahu Tower; 3) Puente Roto day use site; 4) Baño Grande and 5) Rio Sabana Recreation Area (south side of the Forest in Naguabo)
  • Roads: 1) PR191 to the Mt. Britton trailhead (Rd 9938); 2) PR988; 3) PR966, and 4) PR186
  • Trails: Big Tree Trail and La Mina Trail to the popular La Mina Falls, remain closed at this time. Angelito trail (Rd 988) is now open after completing repairs to the trail and bridge.  The nearby Puente Roto recreation site provides acccess to the Rio Mameyes.  Trails open include: Angelito Trail; Mt. Britton Trail; access to El Yunque Peak along a segment of the El Yunque Peak trail and La Coca Trail.        

As road work, debris removal, and power grid repairs continue within and on the way to El Yunque National Forest, visitors can expect traffic delays and temporary closures to facilitate ongoing recovery work. While efforts have been taken to provide for safe travel and recreation use of areas, be mindful that recovery efforts both within and outside the Forest will continue.


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