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An assessment report identifies and considers relevant and existing information contained in a variety of studies, plans, monitoring reports and other relevant information.

The assessment helps to rapidly determine the sustainability of existing ecological, economic, and social conditions and trends in relationship to current land management.

The assessment will be used to help identify the need for change of the existing 1997 Forest Plan. Topics addressed in the assessment look at issues related to the Forest and a broader landscape. 

Preparation of a draft assessment report was the first step in the plan revision process.  The draft assessment was made available for public review in January 2014.

Draft Assessment Reports: 

Section 1 - Introduction (PDF, .3MB) - Cover - page 12
Section 2 - Assessing Ecological Sustainability and Diversity of Plant and Animal communities (PDF, 4.5MB) - Pages 13 - 160
Section 3 - Assessing Social and Economic Sustainability and Multiple Uses (PDF, 3.2MB) - Pages 161- 358
Section 4 - Assessing Designated Areas (PDF, .2MB) - Pages 359 - 362
Section 5 - Appendices A through I (PDF, 1.3MB) - Pages 363 - 434
Section 6 - Appendices J and K (PDF, 1MB) - Pages 435 - 467 (pages 435-457 updated 5/5/14)

Includes: Summary of Key Findings - this document provides some of the major findings of the assessment reports.

List of Assessment Contributors