2005 Wildlife Facts - Upland Grass Anole

Photo of the Upland Grass Anole, Lagartijo Jardinero de Montaa

Upland Grass Anole, Mountain Garden Lizard (Eng.), Lagartijo Jardinero de Montaña (Sp.), Anolis krugi (Sci.), native, Puerto Rico.

Photo courtesy of: Father Alejandro Sánchez Muñoz. Information compiled by Alan Mowbray, Interpretive Media Writer, EYNF/LEF

General Information

The Upland Grass Anole is one of two species of rassor ushanoles in Puerto Rico. The other species A. poncensis is found on the southwestern side of the island, while A. krugi typically occupies the upland forests of the Luquillo mountains and the Central Corridor (Cordillera Central).


Anolis krugi varies in color according to location. In some areas its primary body color is black; while in other areas of the island it is yellow. Specimens found in the Luquillo mountains are usually black above, with numerous black peckson its lighter-colored sides and upper flanks. A yellow-white strip runs from the tip of the snout to just beyond the back legs. The Upland Grass Anole has a distinctive dewlap which is usually yellow or yellow-orange in color. Male species are approximately 1.7 inches (45 millimeters), while females are somewhat smaller at 1.4 inches (36 millimeters) snout-to-vent length.


Primarily an insectivore, the Upland Grass Anole feeds on beetles, spiders, ticks, ants and small snails. A very territorial species, males will vigorously defend their small territories against intruders of the same species. Males will normally occupy higher and more leafy perches than will females. They will escape predators by jumping to other perches or hiding under leaf litter.


Upland Grass Anoles live in deep forest bush. They can be found on ferns, bushes and the trunks of small trees in forest interiors or edges and along nature trails.

Where to look for this animal in the EYNF

On small tree branches or bushes, at the side of nature trails (El Yunque, Mt. Britton) in the El Yunque NF Recreation Area.

Additional Information

USDA Forest Service
El Yunque National Forest
HC-01 Box 13490
Rio Grande, PR 00745
787 888 1810

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