Fishlake National Forest OHV Route Designation Project

NEW ~ Supplemental Information Report ~ Adaptive Management (December 2011)

Final Environmental Impact Statement


The Fishlake Forest’s goal is to manage the use of OHVs in partnership with other federal and state land management agencies, local governments, communities and interest groups so as to protect public lands and resources while providing opportunities for the safe use and enjoyment of OHVs on designated roads, trails, and designated open areas.

Selected Alternative

The selected alternative, Alternative 5 as modified, designates a system of routes and areas, on the Fishlake National Forest, that are open to motorized use. Routes and areas open to motorized use will be displayed on a Motor Vehicle Use Map. Unrestricted off-route travel by wheeled off-highway vehicles (OHVs) will no longer be allowed. The forest will continue to be open to other forms of cross-country travel such as horseback, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiles, although some over-snow restrictions have been added to protect critical deer winter range. Implementation of the new motorized travel plan will begin in 2007.


Record of Decision (1.69 megabytes, 30 pages)

Notice of Intent (NOI)
The Notice of Intent outlines the project scope and alternatives and decisions to be evaluated in the Environmental Impact Statement.

Public Meeting Dates and Locations

Description of the Alternative Motorized Travel Plans

Summary of Public Scoping Comments

Current Status and Schedule

Errata Sheet

Road Analysis Report

Road Analysis Report Cover Letter

Road Analysis Report 2006 Supplement - This is a Microsoft Word document that contains links to supplemental files and websites.


Final Environmental Impact Statement

Final Environmental Impact Statement - (7.03 megabytes, 296 pages) This is the entire document.

Changes between the Draft EIS and the Final EIS

For your convenience the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Fishlake National Forest Off-Highway Vehicle Route Designation Project has been broken up into chapters.

Section Name
Abstract 97 kb
1 page
Table of Contents 179 kb
6 pages
Chapter One - Purpose Of and Need For Action 461 kb
19 pages
Chapter Two - Description of the Alternatives 3.13 mb
78 pages
Chapter Three - Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences 3.30 mb
80 pages
Chapter Four - Consultation and Coordination 196 kb
6 pages
Glossary 174 kb
11 pages
Appendix A - Executive Orders 35 kb
3 pages
Appendix B - Implementation Plan 247 kb
21 pages
Appendix C - Reasonably Foreseeable Activities 199 kb
18 pages
Appendix D - Issues Not Discussed in Detail 321 kb
19 pages
Appendix E - Detailed Changes Resulting from the Action Alternatives 206 kb
3 pages
Appendix F - Comparison of Select OHV Policies for Forest Service, BLM, and State Lands in Utah 66 kb
4 pages
Appendix G - Maps and Descriptions of Proposed Non-Significant Forest Plan Amendment 823 kb
7 pages
Summary 164 kb
9 pages
References Cited 195 kb
9 pages


Specialist Reports


Report Name
Animal/Wildlife 5.03 mb
173 pages
Heritage 617 kb
17 pages
Mixed Use Safety Analysis Document 315 kilobytes
18 pages
Mixed Use Safety Analysis Appendices 287 kb
63 pages
Soils 5.35 mb
39 pages
Undeveloped Lands 1.91 mb
35 pages
Vegetation 3.05 mb
26 pages
Watershed/Aquatics Document 16.9 mb
160 pages
Watershed/Aquatics Spreadsheet 1.23 mb
171 pages


Other Documents

Document Name
Biological Assessment - Plant Species 593 kb
13 pages
Biological Assessment - Wildlife Species 1.75 mb
31 pages
Biological Evaluation of Sensitive Aquatic Animals 837 kb
36 pages
Biological Evaluation of Sensitive Plant Species and Evaluation of Management Indicator Plant Species 3.75 mb
22 pages
Biological Evaluation of Sensitive Animals 1.91 mb
45 pages



Map Name
Alternative One 9.14 mb
Alternative Two 5.80 mb
Alternative Three 5.70 mb
Alternative Four 8.32 mb
Alternative Five 6.07 mb
Alternative Five as Modified 8.71 mb



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