2019 Richfield Ranger District Annual Operating Instructions

Click on the allotment name to see the 2019 Annual Operating Instructions for that allotment. All links are pdf files that require a pdf viewer to print or view. If you do not already have software to view PDF files, it may be obtained free of charge at the Adobe Acrobat Reader Download website.

Richfield Ranger District Grazing Allotment 2019 AOIs

Allotment Number of Livestock
Beaver Dams 100
Browns Hole 1264
Dry Lake 90
Flat Top 484
Kingston/Forshea 480
Glenwood 363
Hunts Lake 832
Koosharem 787
Lost Creek 1292
Manning Creek 307
Marysvale Peak 150
Monument/Glenwood 800
Niotche Creek 734
North Post Mountain 1107
Quitchumpah 820
Red Creek 143
Rock Springs 185
Salina Creek 540
Scrub Flat 929
Water Hollow 866
Willow Creek 932
Wintch Allotments 950