Cove Fort Weed Day

Release Date: Jun 3, 2011   Fillmore, UT

Contact(s): Audrey Louder, 435.896.1017

Image of students digging thistles in a field

Walking slowly across the field, head down and shovel in hand, students from Millard High School, along with their teacher, volunteers, and employees from the Fillmore Ranger District stopped here and there to dig thistles out of the ground.

This is a sight that people at Cove Fort witnessed the morning of May 16 as students, teachers, and Forest Service employees worked together to remove Scotch Thistle as part of the Cove Fort Weed Day.

Cove Fort Weed Day is a program designed to educate the students about Scotch Thistle and other noxious weeds in our area.  Over 70 students and staff from Millard High School arrived in the morning to help remove the weeds by hand. The Cove Fort LDS missionaries showed great hospitality serving lunch for the hungry volunteers and providing tours through the Fort. Food was provided by Missouri Flat.

Scotch Thistle, a native to Europe and eastern Asia, is a robust, invasive plant that is harmful to rangelands.  It out-competes range grasses and is a threat to the ecosystem.

Cove Fort Weed Day was made possible in cooperation with Bureau of Land Management, Millard County, Utah Department of Transportation, Paiute Tribe and private land owners.Funding for this project was provided through Title II of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act.  

Thanks to everyone involved for a job well done!