Personal Firewood Permits

A permit is required when firewood is to be tranported off the National Forest for personal or commercial use. Permits are available for personal or commercial use. A permit is not needed for wood gathered for a campfire.

  1. Logo: logsPermits are $5.00 a cord with a minimum purchase of four cords ($20.00). How to measure and remove fire wood from the forest.
  2. Permits are valid from the time of purchase until December 31.
  3. Firewood load tags are issued with the permits. The date must be notched and the tag must be securely attached to the back of the load for each one-half cord or portion thereof and be clearly visible before transporting firewood.
  4. Permits can be purchased year-around at any District Office and at some additional locations during the summer months. Contact the District Office nearest the area where you want to cut firewood for more information.
  5. Firewood Permit Conditions and Information - Legal and other conditions that pertain to firewood permits.

Logo: chopping firewoodThis is your National Forest and we need your help to ensure that the Personal Use Firewood cutting program continues by following these conditions:

  • All campgrounds, picnic areas, administrative sites, and areas within 150 feet of streams, ponds and lakes are closed to cutting.
  • No cutting standing dead Ponderosa pine. down and dead Ponderosa pine may be taken.
  • No cutting of standing green trees unless specifically authorized.
  • Maximum stump height is 12 inches.
  • Obey travel restrictions listed on the Fishlake National Forest Travel Map. This map is available at the local District Office. &
  • Obey all road closures. The purpose of road closures is to reduce the impact on the land that is incurred from vehicle use and to protect wildlife habitat.
  • Never cut painted trees or within areas marked by orange, black and yellow timber sale boundary signs and in log decks.
  • It is recommended that the permittee have a standard shovel and a fire extinguisher (min. 8 oz) at the cutting site. An approved spark arrestor muffler must be mounted on power saws during the fire precautionary period of June 1 to September 30.


Wildlife Tree graphic

If you see this type of sign on a tree, please do not cut it!