Christmas Tree Permits

The Personal Use Christmas Tree Cutting Program was designed for family recreation and to contribute to good natural resource management. For many families, the adventure of traveling to the forest and cutting their own Christmas tree has become a tradition. In addition, the removal of the trees helps keep the Forest thinned out in some areas, allowing other trees to grow larger, or it opens up areas that provide forage for wildlife and livestock.

This is your National Forest and we need your help in properly selecting and cutting your tree, making sure the forest remains clean and safe, and complying with all rules, regulations, and restrictions.

Permit Conditions

  • Tags are for PERSONAL user and may not be sold to another person.
  • Christmas Tree Permits can now be purchased at
  • Make sure you are cutting on Forest Service land and not on private land, or in an area that is closed to cutting. Refer to the map that comes with your Christmas Tree permit.
  • All campgrounds, picnic area, and administrative sites are closed to cutting.
  • All species of trees may be cut except for PONDEROSA PINE.
  • Tree stumps should not be left higher than eight inches. Trim all branches from the stump and lop any portion of a tree left in the forest. (You may take some green boughs and cones for decorations.)
  • DO NOT cut the top out of large trees
  • Tree tags must be attached to the tree before leaving the cutting area.

Tree Cutting

Christmas Tree

Cut below the lowest whorl on the trunk, or eight inches off the ground (whichever is lowest).


District Restrictions

Beaver Ranger District (435) 438-2436

Blue Spruce may NOT be cut.
Trees are NOT to be cut in the Merchant Valley Summer Home area or along the visible timbered edge of SR-153.

Fillmore Ranger District (435) 743-5721

Oak Creek Canyon and its side drainages, from the Forest Boundary up are closed to tree cutting.
The Fillmore Ranger District suggests the following location for cutting Christmas trees:

  • Dry Creek at Oak Creek
  • Chalk Creek
  • Meadow Creek
  • Cove Fort
  • Willow Creek
  • Wild Goose Canyon

Fremont River Ranger District (435) 836-2811

The Fishlake Basin Recreation Area, including Johnson Valley, is closed to tree cutting from the Forest Boundary on the West to Zedd's Meadow on the East.

Cutting Ponderosa Pine is prohibited except on the Boulder Mountain of the Fremont River Ranger District.

Richfield Ranger District (435) 896-9233

Blue Spruce and Engelmann Spruce may NOT be cut on the Richfield Ranger District.

Tree Tags

  • Tree tags are $10.00 each for trees under ten feet tall, and $20.00 for trees over 10 feet tall. Christmas Tree Permits can now be purchased at
  • There is a limit of two tree tags per person.
  • Other conditions may apply at the time of purchase.
  • Tags are usually available from mid November through December.
  • Maps are available from the Forest Service offices.

Permits for cutting Christmas trees on BLM lands may be purchased at the Richfield Field Office, 150 East 900 North, Richfield, Utah and at the Hanksville Field Office, 380 South 100 West, Hanksville, Utah. Maps are available from the BLM offices.

Safety Tips

We want you to have a safe visit so please come prepared for adverse weather and road conditions.

  • Please be sure to notify a friend or relative of your plans and where you plan to cut your tree.
  • Take along warm clothing and food.
  • It is a good idea to have tire chains and a shovel.

During periods of bad weather, it is advisable to wait until weather clears to make your journey to the forest.