Mushroom Picking

Fishlake National Forest Mushroom Gathering Policy

All users of the Fishlake National Forest have the responsibility to obtain a copy of the Travel Map.  This map shows all designated routes open for motorized use.  Off-road motorized vehicle use for mushroom gathering and other activities is prohibited.   Everyone is encouraged to stay off soft, wet roads and trails that can be easily torn up by vehicles in early spring and after rain and snow storms.  Repairing the damage is expensive and could ultimately be a reason for a road closure or ending the mushroom gathering season.

Forest officials may choose to stop mushroom gathering at any time if conditions warrant.

Persons interested in picking mushrooms must follow the procedures described below.

Incidental Personal Use Mushroom Gathering

No permitis required to gather mushrooms for incidental personal use.  The seasonal limit for persons gathering for personal use is 10 pounds or 5 gallons of mushrooms.  Mushrooms gathered for personal use may not be sold, bartered, or given away.  They are to be consumed for personal/family use. 

Individuals,  families or groups that convene to pick “personal use” mushrooms and want to disperse camp on the Fishlake National Forest must provide for sanitation and collection/disposal of garbage.  A special use permit is required for groups of 50 or larger.  The Fishlake National Forest has a “Pack It In – Pack It Out” policy for garbage. 

Personal Use and Commercial Permits

A permit is required for each personif they want to gather more than 5 gallons per person or sell the mushrooms.  The price of the permit reflects a price per pound and a product quantity limit, as well as the number of days that the permit is valid.  Commercial gathering will be authorized by the issuance of a Forest Products Removal Permit and Cash Receipt (FS-2400-1).  The effective date to be shown on the permit will be the day the permit is sold and the termination date will be dependent upon the number of consecutive days purchased (7,14,21 or 28- See below).

 The price per pound set for mushrooms on the Fishlake National Forest is $0.25 per pound with the minimum permit value set at $20.00, (meaning that the permit will be issued for a minimum quantity of 80 pounds).

            Commercial Permit Rates:  

  • $20 – 7 consecutive days permit allows picking of up to 80 lbs. (total).
  • $40 – 14 consecutive days permit allows picking of up to 160 lbs. (total).
  • $60 – 21 consecutive days permit allows picking of up to 240 lbs. (total)
  • $80 – 28 consecutive days permit allows picking of up to 320 lbs. (total).

Each person gathering mushrooms for commercial use must have a valid permit (FS-2400-1) in their possession while gathering and transporting mushrooms.  Commercial gathering permits will not be sold to individuals under the age of 18 years old. 

Dispersed campsites for commercial mushroom gathers will be approved by a Forest Officer.  Sanitation and collection/disposal of garbage will be the responsibility of the permittee.