Forest Products

Forest Products

National Forests and Grasslands throughout the Northern Region, including Flathead National Forest, offer free firewood for personal use. You must obtain a hard-copy permit in order to track harvesting and communicate important wildfire safety and collection information. Please adhere to all regulations and best practices while gathering Forest products. To obtain a permit, please call your local Ranger Station.

Guidelines and Best Practices:

  • Follow all limits and excluded products as outlined in the Forest Products Permit Guidelines.
  • Follow all post and pole permit guidelines in the Flathead National Forest Personal Use Post and Pole Permits information (post and pole maps included in this document)
  • Protect future harvests. Reduce impacts to the fungi by not disturbing the soil. No raking, digging, or other ground disturbances are allowed when collecting mushrooms. Cut or break off mushrooms at ground level.
  • Road Access: Motor Vehicle Use Maps for designated motorized roads and seasonal closures are available for download online. Motorized travel off designated roads and trails is prohibited.
  • Collect from a wide-ranging area, do not limit all your collecting to a small area.
  • If there is any ground disturbance, do your best to fill in the hole and cover with sod or dead plant material. Try not to leave exposed bare soil, as this is where weeds become established.

Morel mushroom

What Are Special Forest Products?

Special forest products are non-timber goods that can be found in the forest such as mushroom, beargrass leaves, fern greens, pine cones, evergreen boughs and huckleberries. Because many of these items have a commercial value, they may be over-harvested if not managed. In order to protect these resources, yet make them available to the public, the Flathead National Forest has adopted collection limits for these products. The forest has developed a Special Forest Products Plan to assure sustainable harvest of these resources into the future.

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Why do I need to pay a fee, or obtain a permit for certain products?

Obtaining Forest Product Permits

Select a Forest Product below to learn more about getting a permit, if required:

Christmas Trees



Fern Greens


Post & Poles

Seeds, Fruits and Berries (other than huckleberries)

Beargrass Leaves

Transplants - Trees

Transplants - Shrubs, Fords, Ferns and Grasses

Roots, Bulbs and Herbs

Mosses and Lichens

Evergreen Boughs

Native Plant Cuttings

Rock Landscaping