Other Special Use Permits

Special use permits are required when asking for special privileges on the National Forest land. Examples may include group activities, recreational events and use of motorized recreational vehicles in designated areas.

Information Sheet on Special Use Permits

  • What are Special Use Authorizations
  • When do I need an authorization (permit)?
  • Background information on the permit process
  • How do I apply?
  • How do I answer the questions?
  • What does an authorization cost?
  • Requirements for a proposal to be accepted as an application.
  • Screening the application (2 levels)
  • Additional Information may be needed
  • Application is accepted or denied
  • Application is accepted – Environmental analysis process begins
  • Contact Information District and Forest phone numbers

Application Forms*

*Unless noted, these forms are in non-fillable PDF format and must be printed before filling them out. To obtain hard-copies of the forms, please contact Jamie Nickel at 406-758-5315

Operating Plans or Maintenance Plans: List of what is needed.