Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

Sand skinkMonitoring, evaluation and research are the heart of adaptive management and are the quality control mechanisms for the Revised Land and Resource Management Plan for the National Forests in Florida (Forest Plan). At intervals established in the Forest Plan, implementation shall be evaluated on a sample basis to determine how well objectives have been met and how closely management standards have been applied. Based on this evaluation, the Forest Supervisor can make changes in management direction, revisions or amendments to the Forest Plan as are deemed necessary.

Monitoring and Evaluation Reports document how well goals and objectives in the Forest Plan have been met and how closely management standards have been applied.  Specific monitoring questions are identified and directly linked to Forest Plan goals, desired future condition, objectives, standards, guidelines and specific regulatory requirements. Not every goal, objective, standard or guideline can be monitored. Relevancy to issues, compliance with legal and agency policy, scientific credibility, administrative feasibility, budget considerations and impact on workforce all influence monitoring priorities.

Monitoring elements are listed in Chapter 5 of the Forest Plan and monitoring tasks are listed under Appendix E of the Forest Plan.  However, the 2012 planning rule revised monitoring requirements and the National Forests in Florida completed a monitoring program review and administrative change in 2016.