Boating Safety

Boating is a popular activity, but it can also be a dangerous one. Note these facts:

  • Nationwide, nearly 1,000 people die in boating accidents every year.
  • Fifty percent of all boating fatalities involved alcohol, according to estimates of experts.

Common sense and adherence to boating and water safety laws and rules will reduce accidents.

  • Don’t operate a boat while drinking alcohol or using drugs.
  • Learn to swim and learn basic water rescue techniques.
  • Always wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device.
  • Don’t water ski or jet ski in a manner that endangers other lake users. Boaters, watch for scuba divers and skiers.
  • Confine jet skiing and water skiing to daylight hours.
  • Children should not operate any personal water craft.
  • Do not allow anyone to ride on decks or gunwales.
  • Avoid excessive speed, especially in congested areas.
  • Be aware of underwater hazards such as submerged logs, stumps, and rocks.
  • Watch your children. Beaches are unguarded, and there may be sharp dropoffs near shore.
  • Dive only in familiar areas, and check water depth before diving.
  • Avoid dams. Water flowing over dams can create a current capable of drawing boats into the face of the dam and holding them under water. Avoid dam spillways during high water.
  • Learn all navigation rules AND Florida boating laws and LIVE by them.
  • Keep your boat in proper working order, and make sure it meets all equipment guidelines established by Florida boating laws. Carry the following:

    • Personal flotation device
    • Paddle
    • Towline
    • Emergency radio
    • Bailing device
    • Whistle or horn
    • Fire extinguisher
    • First aid kit
    • Flares

Rules & Regulations

We want your visit to the lake to be pleasant and safe. Please help by observing the following:

  • Do not camp within 300 feet of the waters’ edge except at designated camping sites.
  • Do not camp within 300 feet of any road or trail leading to the waters’ edge except at designated camping sites.
  • Do not swim or recreate within 100 feet of any boat launching or courtesy boat dock.
  • Do not fish from any boat ramp or courtesy dock.
  • Do not possess or operate a motorboat or other watercraft within an area designated "NO BOATS."
  • Do not operate any watercraft in excess of idle speed in areas posted "NO WAKE" or "IDLE SPEED."
  • Do not water ski or sled within areas designated as "NO SKIING" or "NO SLEDDING."
  • Do not water ski after sundown or before sunrise.
  • Do not store or leave watercraft unattended overnight at a location not designated for overnight boat storage.
  • Do not launch a motor boat at a site not designated for boat launching.
  • Do not use steel drums or barrels as floating devices for powerboats.
  • Do not possess or operate a motorboat equipped with conventional plumbing without a sealed sewage holding system or tank.