Parking Smart

How to minimize vehicle break-Ins

Lake Eaton boat rampAs peaceful as the forest may seem, a few visitors may experience auto break-ins. To prevent break-ins:

Lock your car. As simple as this seems, many people still forget.

Don’t leave your travel plans on the windshield of your car. Thieves use this "window of opportunity" to break in, since they know you may not be nearby. Leave your plans with the district office or someone at home, like a neighbor, relative or friend. Include what trails you plan to hike and an estimate of your return time.

Don’t leave valuables inside your car. If you must leave valuables, hide them from view or lock them in the trunk. Empty the glove compartment and leave it open to show that nothing is inside.

Don’t park your car with the trunk backed toward the woods. This provides cover for someone trying to break into your trunk. If your car has been vandalized, contact local law enforcement officials.

Note other vehicles in the area. Write down license plate numbers and descriptions of vehicles that appear suspicious or out of place in the area where you park.

Report suspicious activity to local law enforcement or Forest Service personnel as soon as possible.