Recreation Passes & Permits

Many recreation activities in the Ocala National Forest are available at no cost to the recreational user. Explore the wonder of the Juniper Prairie Wilderness (area is unavailable) by foot, or take a quiet paddle down a winding passage of the Ocklawaha River. Settle down on the edge of Redwater Lake and watch the sandhill cranes fly by at sunrise.

Where developed recreation areas are concerned, however, there is a cost to operating these areas that is recouped through the use of day use fees.  This includes our extensive network of OHV trails and many of our day use areas, especially our major springs.

To provide an affordable alternative for frequent visitors to the Ocala National Forest, or for folks who make our forest a destination for a week's vacation, we offer a variety of recreational passes and permits that help you save money on day use.

Hunting or fishing?

Although the Ocala National Forest works in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), we do not issue licenses or permits for hunting or fishing. You may purchase these at local outfitters or online from FWC


Swimming in the springs?

Our major recreation areas are managed by Alexander Springs (area is unavailable), Clearwater Lake (area is unavailable), Juniper Springs (area is unavailable), Salt Springs (area is unavailable), Silver Glen Springs (area is unavailable), and Wildcat Lake (area is unavailable), available for purchase on-site. 


Planning for deer season?

Our designated hunt camps require a special use permit, which can be purchased at either the Lake George Ranger District Station (area is unavailable) or the Seminole Ranger District Station (area is unavailable).