Get Outdoors Florida!

Children participate in a Get Outdoors Florida! event The U.S. Forest Service is a key partner in the Get Outdoors Florida! coalition. This partnership of land managers, government agencies, children’s advocates, educators, health care professionals, non-profit organizations, businesses and other private organizations works to encourage children and their parents to re-connect with nature.

The National Forests in Florida supports the coalition in its statewide initiative of engaging communities, families and individuals in outdoors experiences to achieve healthier lifestyles while sustaining Florida’s natural resources.

By connecting people and communities with nature, the coalition enhances opportunities for environmental education, public health, child welfare, tourism, fish and wildlife conservation and land management. The integrated focus of the coalition has proven invaluable in not only strengthening partnerships with federal, state and private organizations, but ultimately motivating Floridians to be more conscious of and engaged with nature throughout their lives.

For more information about Get Outdoors Florida! or how to get involved with the coalition, please visit the Get Outdoors Florida! website.